The brew process is simple - steep grains in water to extract sugar. Boil sugar water with hops. Add yeast to ferment sugar into alcohol.
At Dinosaur Brewing Company, the process to make a beer usually takes about a month - from boil kettle to keg.
Our tap house has capacity for 5 beers on tap, and we usually have a few extras "on deck".
Occasionally we will bottle our beer and of course, anything from the tap can be taken "to-go" in a growler.

What's on Tap?  (last updated 8/11/2014)

What's "coming soon"?
  • Experimental Cider - our third attempt at cider, first time using honey (October)
  • Sinosauropteryx - Orange, Ginger, Wheat (early September)
  • Hefasaurus - American wheat style, fresh fruit addition TBD (late September)
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